Still Life

Audiovisual Installation for four Screens

Still Life is an audiovisual installation on four slide projection screens. The four screens are arranged to build a square space, each screen represents a cardinal direction.

Still Life takes you on a journey of places around earth, places of significance for us, places we know from the news, places where history took it’s course, places of craving and places of nostalgia. To every place you hear the atmospheric audio recorded at the very moment the visuals where taken.

The sequence of the places is not chronological – it is rather composed in an associate and formal fashion, and thus contrasts places by their formal correspondence. Therefore the sequential performance has a start and an end and is not looped.

Still Life was created as a degree dissertation in communication and media design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, and was mentored by Prof. Charlotte Schröner and Prof. Tjark Ihmels.

Just in case you’re interested. For this project I have visited uncountable places, recorded 132 of them on 3060 pieces of analogue photography and 30 hours of atmospheric audio.
And heavens, I spent 67 hours in-flight.

Main Credits

Manfred Liedtke, Slide Projection Engineering
Gregor von Sievers, Sound Editing and Engineering
Thomas Vollmar, Video Engineering
Kay Märthesheimer, Rigs

Full List of Credits

Premiered on

November 10, 2003
at the former Entrance Hall of Mainz-Süd train station, Mainz


Setup of the installation

Campaign, Event Posters