Ronen Schmitz Even Zur
Scenes from the Surface of Earth


I started taking pictures as a child. My first camera was a piece of cheap plastics. It was a great. You couldn't put any films inside, and if you would click the trigger, nothing would happen. Unfortunately for you, I cannot show you these pictures since they are all recorded in my own personal memory.

When my father bought himself a new camera, he handed me over his old one, the Canon AE-1 Program, and I started taking pictures I actually could share, but were not yet worth sharing. 

A turning point was when my family moved away from Frankfurt am Main to the rurals of Franconia. Having lost home and love, I started to seek comfort in documenting what didn't happen, and a little later what happened.

These were mainly, going to concerts, hanging out with musicians and artists, and staring at girls. I spend hours in the lab figuring out the weakest light spots on my high speed low light films.

If I look at it, my sujets haven't changed. I still focus on the things that do not happen. Today I work with Nikon Cameras and Lenses, analogue and digitally, and the beautiful Mamiya RZ67.