Adidas Runtastic

Head of Design

In 2015 I was asked by Florian Gschwandtner to join Runtastic as Head of Design. A loose gathering of ‘graphics’ was turned into a powerful and timely delivering design squad. A common understanding of what a brand is and which position Runtastic would take in the market of digital fitness was established.

The diverse field of Runtastic’s interaction with the public was broken into a brand and design architecture understandable to all within and outside of design. Thus, the workflow and delivery of creatives across all peers where optimized and excelled.

In late 2015 Runtastic was taken over by Adidas, a step we all worked toward, but didn’t expect for it to happen so soon. I left in the spring of 2016 to take on new endeavours.

As Head of Design at Runtastic my work encompassed the following.

  • Unification and leadership of the Design department comprised of the Brand Design team, the UI/UX team and the Media team
  • Pointing out individual perspectives and chances for personal growth and professional development to the Design team
  • Transformation of Graphic Design to Brand Design by establishing a culture of art direction in every aspect of design as well as by creating a common understanding of the brand identity
  • Creation of a design and brand architecture that serves as a guideline and toolbox for future challenges
  • Introduction of brand design perspectives and knowledge within all teams
  • Impartation of the big picture, a vision and a story for design at Runtastic to designers and team leads
  • Establishment of brand focused designs, provisions of creatives and ongoing optimization of these to improve ROI in app installation campaigns
  • Establishment of optimization workflow and quality assurance measures within the design department
  • Coordination of design resources and requests from various departments to ensure smooth collaboration and timely delivery
  • Supervision of design efforts and resources including regular check-ins and consultations with the CEO


Head of Design

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Corporate Design Architecture, as of 2016