R SE, Ronen Schmitz Even Zur

R SE, Ronen Schmitz Even Zur is a designer and studio based in Frankfurt am Main and Tel Aviv. I am a creative leader and design manager specialized in Brand Design, Image and Corporate Communications.

I lead complex brand endeavours as well as highly professional and diversified squads of all disciplines to create and deliver brands that convince by persuasion.

I'm an intermediate broker that translates corporate requirements into timely creative fulfilment. Therefore, I apply cutting-edge creatives techniques and modern management practice, e.g. OKRs and SCRUM.

While I have a proven record of brand definition and design development I hook up at any stage of on ongoing brand or image launch. I love working with well established brands and it's always a pleasure to contribute creatively or organizational.

I work as Head of Design internally or as external Design Director. A lot of times clients hire me to advise them on all matters of brand and design, to manage their design workflow and delivery as well as steering their external portfolio of media agencies.

I believe that one has to do what he loves. That's the only way one can be exceptional at what he does. I never really loved working for companies or brands that went to skim market shares. So I love working for brands that would do the things they even if nobody would pay them for. In the end, these companies will get payed the most.

For that reason, besides contributing to great brands, I am as well dedicated to Archaeological Visualization and Cartography. Having studied History of Art and Classical Archaeology a bit, looking back, where are at the eve of great discoveries and an more holistic picture of what earth and ancient societies have looked like some thousand years ago.

Brand Design
Graphic Design
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Communication and Media design
University of Applied Sciences Mainz,
graduated Diplom-Designer (FH)

History of Art, Archaeology and Philosophy
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen


Still Life, Arrival Hall of Mainz-Süd train station, Mainz, 2002
Stand der Dinge, Signalwerk, Mainz 1998
Transit, Signalwerk, Mainz, 1998
unArt, Komm, Nuremberg, 1993
So Dream Out Loud, Kofferfabrik, Fürth, 1992


e.g. MetaDesign, Berlin
Adidas Runtastic, Linz, Austria
ZDF, German Television, Mainz
Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden
Pixelpark, Berlin
Opak Werbung, Frankfurt am Main
Tassilo von Grolman Design, Berlin


Over years working as Design Director for many different companies I got to know most of the European design and visual in-crowd and therefore have a vast networks of professional in a variety of fields.