About me

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Doing determines being. 
Who I am and what I believe in.

Hello, my name is Ronen. I am a designer in Frankfurt am Main and Tel Aviv. My areas of expertise are holistic brand management, corporate identity and design. I also work in the fields of archaeological design, cartography and photography.

I lead brand design processes. Together with my clients we create persuasive brands.

I am happy to be there from the very beginning and hop on to ongoing brand and design processes alike. I love unique brands and brands in the making and I enjoy being able to contribute to their success by design and management.

Customers commission me as external design office, in some cases I call in my well-established design squad on short notice. Other customers book me as a designer to lead their design from within, and others ask me to advise on questions of design, the design process or the search for the right agency portfolio.

I believe that you have to do what you love. This is the only way to achieve outstanding performance. I've never really enjoyed working for companies that chase market share. I much prefer to work for companies that go ahead and do things that they would do, even if nobody would pay them.

Some time ago I started to study the basics and techniques of Cartography and since then I have been designing modern, large-format maps of places of longing or regions of historic relevance.

Out of love for early mankind's history and by help of my studies in History of Art and Archaeology and visual communications as well, I create Archaeological Reconstructions and lifelike Visualizations on scientific grounds.

Today I offer my wide-ranging field of work not only for brands but also for archaeological parks, museums and authorities.

What I do

Design Direction
Brand Development
Corporate Identity and Design

Product Design
Industrial Design
Experience Design

Communications and Content
Editorial Design

Spaces, Interiors and Exteriors
Corporate Architecture
Guidance, Signage, Wayfinding

Exhibition Design
Film and Dramaturgy

Creative Consulting
Design Management

Design for archaeological sites

Wayfinding and Ground Furnishings
Guidance and Signage Systems
Information Graphics
Exhibition Design

3D Reconstruction
Photorealistic Visualization

Augmented Reality
Animation and Film

General Maps
Ground Plans, Overview Maps
Historical Maps
Political Maps
Topographic Maps
Street Plans

Cartographic Design
Style Development

Topographic Renderings
GIS and Data Management
Postgres Databases




since 2017
Freelance Design/ Creative Director and Consultant for various bureaus and direct clients, amongst them MetaDesign, MRM/McCann, circl.link

started working as Head of Design for Adidas Runtastic, Linz, Austria

Mainz, Germany, 2008

started working as Art Director for ZDF, German Television, Mainz, Germany

1997 – 2004
studies in Communication and Media Design at University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany

Jerusalem, Israel, 1998
Jerusalem, Israel, 1995
Fürth, Germany, 1994

started working for
Hyperium | Hypnobeat Rec., Nuremberg, Germany

started to photograph portraits, musicians, concerts and other live events 

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 1983
Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 1979

family moved to Frankfurt am Main, Neu-Isenburg, Germany

family moved to Paris, France

born in Mainz, Germany

Photography credits in order of appearance: Thomas Vollmar, Unknown, Limor Schmitz-Cohen, Carola Riedel, Heribert Schmitz (last two).