Archäologische Gestaltung

Architektonische Rekonstruktion und photorealistische Visualisierung.
Von 1000 vor bis 1000 nach unserer Zeitrechnung.

Grundrisse, Fassadenpläne und Schnitte

Photorealistische Visualisierung

Augmented Reality
Animation und Film

Gestaltung für archäologische Parks und Museen

Leit- und Orientierungssysteme

Geografische Informationssysteme GIS
Topografische Darstellungen

Kartografie und Stilentwicklung


Archäologische Projekte

Archaeological Design
From past to life

Looking at stacked piles of stones can be a nice setting for an afternoon stroll, and yet disappointing for the interested visitor, who cannot make sense of it, let alone establish an imaginary idea of what the ancient reality looked like and felt like.

Context is key. Visitors to archaeological sites and museums need to be enabled to fully comprehend what they are looking at. Historical timelines, ground plans, functional graphics, photorealistic illustrations and augmented reality bring the past to life.

Due to my unique skill set of brand and graphic design, product design and ground furnishing, cartography and iconography, wayfinding, guidance and signage, 3D reconstruction and visualizations I am able to offer a holistic experience for visitors to archaeological parks.

Registered Contractor with the
Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem