Ronen Schmitz Even Zur
Design Direction

Fields and Dimensions.

Brand Development
Corporate Identity and Design

Identify and define core brand values and positions

Create visual appearances and experiences that live up to their values and inspire others

Establish design architectures that integrate seamlessly into operations

Product Design
Industrial Design

Decode and paraphrase brand and corporate identities into forms, materials and experiences

Create intuitive user handling and digital interfaces

Creative Consulting
Design and Project Management

Advise C-Levels in managing their brand, design and creative departments as well as their external contractors

Lead design squads creatively, inspirationally and managerially

Art direct image and communication campaigns

Realise design production and roll-out

Monitor and supervise production

Spaces and Interiors
Exhibition Design
Guidance and Signage

Design unique interiors and furnishings

Stage and orchestrate exhibitions and live events

Create iconic experiences

Provide orientation and information